Newborn Sleep Packages

Don't miss out on your beauty sleep

If you are the parent of a newborn who isn’t taking restful naps or sleeping well at night – and you want to do something about it – you are in the right place!

Healthy sleep creates well-developed, happy, and healthy child, and my age-based sleep services take the guesswork out so you can feel confident in tackling your newborn sleep hurdle, no matter where you are in the process.

You are not alone; I am here to help you!

Newborn Sleep Packages
(0 – 12 weeks)

1-to-1 Sleep Consultation (90 minutes)
Personalised Sleep Plan
Sleep Environment Evaluation
Private Sleep Coaching (until baby is 16 weeks)
8 x 20 minutes call
8 x 20 minutes call
Daily Text Support (until baby is 16 weeks)
Daily Email Support (until baby is 16 weeks)
Sleep Log Monitoring
First Night Bedtime Support (Virtual)
Comprehensive Guide to Sleep Scheduling
Follow Up Support (3 months)
3 x 30 minutes call